Advertising Services


Advertising Services

You can find our services and activities in the field of advertising and e-marketing. We provide Campaign plans service, which includes the following:

  1. Advertising Electronic screens
  2. Flex ads on building facades
  3. Bridges and tunnels ads
  4. Local and international satellite news and radio spots
  5. Advertising on the public transport of buses


Types of Advertising Services

Advertising Electronic screens

Now you can advertise on our giant electronic screens, which work throughout the spread in several vital sites on the main streets (LED) clock video system and malls in different regions of the capital and governorates at competitive prices. · Preparing the advertisement material from editing, editing and filming to be ready for broadcast.

Flex ads on building facades

You can advertise on our important advertising areas inside and outside the capital. We have chosen the best locations in the lively streets on the facades of the buildings.

Bridges and tunnels ads

Through us, you can also advertise at the entrances of pedestrian bridges and tunnels within the capital Amman and the provinces.

Local and international news and radio stations

You can choose the news, radio or space you want to place your ad Both locally and globally at competitive prices.

Advertising on the public transport of buses